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While the issues, opportunities or ambitions of our clients are wide and varied in nature, the outcomes they desire are often the same but articulated in different ways. We’ve included a number of examples of how our clients see their issues and opportunities and how they transition to outcome statements to help you assess LeaderVision as a partner.

“We need our team to be less transactional (customer focus) and more relational (client focus) in how we engage the marketplace. We see our team as professional advisors and not just sales professionals. Our sales culture needs to become one of buyer creation”.


“We need to enable a growth strategy that engages and grows our commercial relationships with our current client base while acquiring our next generation of great clients. We need to enable the skills and process to drive both ambitions concurrently. Our sales culture needs to build the mindset for growth as a purpose”.


“Our team needs to improve on how we build value propositions and communicate our value to our clients”.


“We need to better understand what value means to our clients, in concert with effective pricing strategies, that allows us to compete on more than price”.


“We need to better assess, build, articulate and deliver value across the order-to-cash cycle”.


“We are very tactical in our interactions with our customers. We need to elevate our engagement and the conversations that support engagement to be more strategic in nature. We need to look past the tactical buyer function and look to the organizational objectives as a whole. Our sales culture needs to becomes strategic in nature”.


 “Our organization has grown and is planning to further grow, its base of offerings and is transitioning from products & services to multiple solution sets across different platforms that can be uniquely crafted and customized to each client. Our culture and approach needs to evolve to one of engineered solutions across a matrix of expertise”.


“Sales is a dirty word in our organization and we are not fully enabled to grow. We need to rebrand what sales means to our organization and establish a definition of sales that enables participation, action and growth’.


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