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What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our trusted clients.

“The strength of Doug and LeaderVision is that they don’t just offer a cookie cutter curriculum. Doug makes an investment of time to understand his clients’ business and issues and then develops a tailored learning solution. Doug shares his knowledge with passion, energy and a personal commitment that separates him from other consultants.”


Nick Greenfield, Vice-president, Marketing, MNP

“Thank you very much for sharing your expertise, energy and experience at our National Tax Conference. As always, I am thrilled that we had an opportunity to work together again. Your session, The Road to YES was very well received and highly rated by our senior participants with an NPS of 4.34/5.


This topic is more relevant than ever as we partner with our clients as business advisors, engage in unexpected ways and drive demand. Your perspectives on conversational modelling, curiosity and questioning are powerful and refreshing. Doug, you are a dynamic and inspiring speaker and we appreciate your experience and stories that bring your content to life."


Nada Stancel

Learning & Development Consultant

PwC National Tax Conference

"Doug has proven time and again to have a broad and intelligent perspective and sound judgment in helping me to develop compelling value propositions and creative approaches to complex sales-related challenges. Doug has the ability to take abstract concepts and distill them into an actionable methodology, and his passionate modelling of that which he teaches make his methods impossible not to buy into."

Sarah Noftell, CPA, CA.


Indirect Tax Leader

"We had a great experience working with Doug. He challenged us and helped us to develop new perspectives and skill sets for engaging with our customers at a much deeper level, helping to make our team better professional sales consultants. With his expert and engaging leadership style, he made sure to get everyone involved and participating, which is always challenging in a remote learning environment. Thanks to Doug and the tools he helped us to develop, I know our team is better positioned for success in today’s ever evolving sales environment".


Melissa Summerfield

VP Sales

Newcom Media


“Great insight into different conversation approaches and supporting frameworks and engaging us in polls and chat questions - it was great to see how many of us are in the transactional space trying to move to more transformational conversations. Well spoken & great presentation”.



National Tax Conference



“Doug has an exceptional talent for bringing clarity to the complex and unique nature of professional services. Through his practical experience and real-world examples, he provides both professionals and firms with tools to help build brand and position themselves and their practice.”


Ken Tarry

Managing Partner

Sequeira Partners

"Doug was my instructor in PwC's Enhanced Sales & Relationship Management Program in 2016. Doug's passion for pursuit excellence and his 1:1 coaching through this Program transformed my view on sales; I learned to understand sales as a highly methodical discipline focused first and foremost on relationships - and on truly listening to and seeking to understand our clients."

Sheila Mason


Modern Workspace Lead

"Doug was my instructor in the Pursuit program at PwC. The very best thing I liked about Doug was his ability to teach you something through example and hands on learning. I took a lot away from that program and Doug's engaging leadership style and ease in the classroom contributed greatly to that."

Kelly Ross, CPA, CA


"Doug had an incredible impact on my personal and professional development. It has been a true pleasure and great experience to attend each of the training session and be energized and empowered to play the leadership role I aspire to play in the firm. More than doing his job for the firm, I believe Doug inspires us to become better human beings. All the teaching and coaching Doug provided me with is deeply rooted in enhancing human interactions and this is why I think the methodology he contributed to develop and how we delivered it to us is so impactful."

Jocyelyn Plamadon, CPA, CGA, MBA


Finance Function Effectiveness

"Doug's passion for sales and business development is unrivalled among those I have worked with in my career. The knowledge and skills I have learned from him have been a key factor in my personal development over the past year. He does a great job of leveraging his experiences and tailoring them to his audience so they fully comprehend the concepts he is discussing."

Matt Fuller, CPA, CA


Accounting & Capital Markets Advisory

"Over the past two years, I have been part of the Sales Leadership / Enhanced Pursuit Program at PwC which is led by Doug. Doug is very passionate about relationship building and sales management and was able to share a tremendous amount of knowledge on the Pursuit methodology." 

Ryan Hoday, CPA, CA


International Tax

"Doug is a phenomenal coach, mentor, and trusted colleague who is passionate about what he does and cares deeply about the success of others around him."

Rolandi Treska


Emerging Tech Advisory

Casual Meeting

Client Outcome Statements

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