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Who We Work With

The core of our practice has had an historical focus on professional service firms. Our global clients comprise large & mid-market accounting, consulting, law and engineering firms who are trying to enable a healthy matrix and trusted advisor model.


As our practice has grown, adjacent sectors such as media, investment banking, deals and real estate have found our approach, tools and frameworks helpful in enabling healthy growth in their people and their businesses.


Our reality is market disruption is causing our clients to evolve their business and operating models for future success. While we maintain strength in certain sectors, we have realized the issues, opportunities and ambitions of our clients are sector or industry agnostic in many cases.


Call us to discuss how are approach fits your desired operating models irrespective of sector or industry.

Meeting Room

"Doug is a phenomenal coach, mentor, and trusted colleague who is passionate about what he does and cares deeply about the success of others around him."
- Rolandi Treska, Director, Emerging Tech Advisor

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